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Streaming Access to ALL Video Interviews for $15 / year.
$15/one year of full streaming access to all premium content via Vimeo On Demand. Includes all videos released in the ensuing year.
  • Streaming access to over 1500 minutes of video content (and counting).
  • Available to watch on any devices that support Vimeo's Watch Later functionality.
  • All content in high definition.
  • Allows us to expand our coverage (and ensures our continued existence!)
Download individual video interviews for just $1.99
$1.99/each video to own/download without any DRM restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is The Seventh Art's subscription service?

    The Seventh Art now offers premium content - long-form video interviews - for $15 for an annual subscription or $1.99 per video. This $15 guarantees access to over 1300 minutes of videos, as well as all videos released in the ensuing year.

    Premium videos will appear on our web site as always, however the site will only display a sample/excerpt of that video alongside a link to our subscription service (via Vimeo On Demand) in order to see the entire video.

  • Is there any free content still on the website? (Short answer: YES!)

    Absolutely! Select video interviews, all podcasts, and all video essays will continue to appear on the site at no charge. Additionally, our curated video blog (Worth Viewing) will always be free.

  • Why start the subscription service?

    The Seventh Art has existed since late 2011 without any funding - be it grants, sponsorship, revenue from our live events or patronage, everything has been funded out of pocket by the magazine's three producers. The cost of shooting each interview, storing our videos, putting on our own events, offering live streamed interviews and maintaining our site are consistent and growing in number.

    The subscription service is a cross between subscribing to a traditional magazine, where access to content comes at a low, yearly rate, and a donation to the project, through which those who have enjoyed our content over the past two years can ensure that it continues to exist. The money raised through this service is to recoup the cost of running our video magazine and more importantly, to re-invest into the project - enabling us to expand the quality and variety of our videos, events, festival coverage and digital capabilities.

  • How do I subscribe?

    You can rent full streaming access to The Seventh Art's entire library of premium content for one year for just $15. This pass also gives you access to any premium content released through the duration of your subscription. Additionally, users can choose to buy specific interviews for just $1.99. This allows you to stream that particular interview and also download it (without any DRM protection) in order to watch the file on media players, etc.


The Seventh Art Live Directors Series was established in December 2012. The series brings important directors to Toronto to screen and discuss their films. Click on the images below for recaps, videos, photos, and more.
  February 3rd/4th, 2014   September 11, 2013
  April 21, 2013   December 12/13, 2012


The Seventh Art is an independently produced video magazine about cinema with profiles on interesting aspects of the film industry, video essays and in-depth interviews with filmmakers set in casual environments. The production is based in Toronto, Canada and was founded by producers Christopher Heron, Pavan Moondi, and Brian Robertson in 2012.

The magazine is based equally on the rich history of writing on cinema and French television shows about cinema, such as Cinéastes de notre temps. The video format allows us to seek ways to differentiate The Seventh Art from the former, while building on the latter through the lack of time or content limitations afforded by the internet. Conventional wisdom tells that internet users are looking for extremely short content, but we believe the value of this medium exists in the abolishment of assumptions of how users engage with content. Our sections err on the longer side because they are like a magazine, which you can pick up and put down at your leisure - never requiring that you consume all sections, or even each section in its entirety in one sitting.

With this video magazine format we strive to explore cinema in a manner that is at once accessible and in-depth as we pursue questions of film form/aesthetic that link back with the initial theorization of cinema as the seventh art - regardless of how unfortunately self-justifying this initial discourse had to be. We ask not only what is cinema, but when is cinema, where is cinema, how is cinema and why cinema, especially as media converges on new distribution models that are hopefully reflected in the cross-platform nature of our 'magazine'.


Christopher Heron


Christopher is the host of The Seventh Art and also serves as a producer, editor, and writer. He received his MA in Cinema Studies from the University of Toronto, where his work focused on cinematic representations of urban space, including the films of Pedro Costa and Tsai Ming-liang. Christopher is one of the founding producers of The Seventh Art.

Pavan Moondi


Pavan directs, edits and produces for The Seventh Art. He recently wrote, directed, and produced his first feature film, Everyday Is Like Sunday, which premiered in Toronto in August 2013. He is currently in production on his second feature film. Pavan is one of the founding producers of The Seventh Art.

Brian Robertson


Brian is a Toronto-based producer and filmmaker who directs, edits and produces The Seventh Art. He recently produced his first feature film, Everyday Is Like Sunday, and is currently producing several film and television projects. Brian is one of The Seventh Art's three founding producers.

Hilary Hart

Associate Producer

Hilary studied film at Dalhousie University and is currently working in development at the Canadian Film Centre. She joined The Seventh Art in December 2012 as an associate producer, with a special focus on The Seventh Art Live Directors Series.

Adam Gurfinkel

Musical Director

Adam has been writing and recording music for over 10 years. He has offered a variety of different musical genres to accent the introductions for each section of The Seventh Art since its inception. Adam is also an actor, appearing as one of the leads in the Moondi-Robertson produced film, Everyday Is Like Sunday.

Spencer Everhart

Content Editor, Blog

Spencer, a writer and student, is the video blog curator for The Seventh Art who joined the team after his first video essay was published in our seventh issue. He currently resides in Michigan and holds a cinema studies degree from Grand Valley State University.

Samuel Tunningley

Content Editor, Blog

Samuel is a student attending Central Michigan University. He is currently working toward an undergraduate degree in online journalism and a minor in cinema studies. In addition to contributing to The Seventh Art blog, he also serves as the Arts & Entertainment editor for Grand Central Magazine.

Martin Baena

Supervising Video Editor

Martin is a film editor and director in fiction, documentary, and corporate film with a background in screenwriting. Before working with digital processes, Martin learned to cut film by hand; out of this experience grew a deep appreciation for the art of storytelling and the basic principals of film editing, which he applies every day.

Kiva Reardon


Kiva Reardon is the founding editor of cléo, a journal of film and feminism; the staff film writer for; and contributes to Cinema Scope, Maisonneuve, Fandor's Keyframe, and others. Kiva is a recurring guest interviewer for The Seventh Art.


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