Nick Hartman’s trailer/short film THE FOUR RIDERS (2013)

A post-apocalyptic world, skateboarding, cheap beer, the undead, metal music, and a punk rock twist on the Book Of Revelation get thrown together in Nick Hartman’s trailer-as-short-film The Four Riders (2013). The Michigan-based director crafted this gnarly little nugget as a preliminary piece in anticipation of possibly expanding it into a feature-length work of horror, so while the future may hold an even longer version of what this video contains, for now we can enjoy the grindhouse/midnight movie-inspired trashiness of Hartman’s latest unholy creation.

About the Author

Spencer Everhart curates the Worth Viewing video blog for The Seventh Art. He joined the team after his first video essay ("Malick's Lyrical Branches - The Tree of Life") was published in our seventh issue. He currently resides in Toronto and is pursuing a M.A. in Cinema Studies at York University.